Liquid Plastic Grey 5L


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A pure acrylic waterproofing polymer

  • A pure acrylic waterproofing polymer, modified with latex that allows extreme flexibility, UV stability and adhesion. 350% stretch. For roofs, walls, parapets and all roofing applications
  • Always use in conjunction with a waterproofing membrane – As with any liquid and membrane system, the first saturation coat is critical. Applying many coats on top of the membrane does not yield proper results.
  • In areas of long term ponding (ponds and water features), use in conjunction with Hypercrete Fish Pond primer. In ponding applications seven rain-free days curing time is needed. Drying time depends on humidity and air temperature.
  • On non-ponding porous surfaces a 50% product and water dilution or a bonding liquid, is recommended as a priming coat.
  • Do not use to overcoat bitumen waterproofing systems.
  • Ensure compatibility when applying a waterproofing compound over existing unknown products.
  • Not recommended for under tiles, in swimming pools or on fiberglass structures.
  • Clean up with water.